How to watch TV shows at the park

The great outdoors is back in style, and Disney Parks Hollywood Studios is ready to bring the thrill of a live TV show to your living room.The park’s family-friendly, family-centric entertainment centers will feature a mix of family-oriented and traditional shows, as well as the latest Disney movies and live events.Here’s everything you need to […]

Why is ‘Surreal’ being blamed for the deaths of so many Australians?

When Australia’s most popular show, Surreal, was cancelled in March, fans blamed its cancellation for the number of deaths in the country’s gambling industry.But it is the popularity of the film Surreal that has caused the biggest outcry in Australia, as a film shot in the same year is also linked to the deaths.The film’s […]

Why you should care about the TV space

The American media has become increasingly hostile to cable TV.And for good reason.Many cable channels are in crisis, as more people are getting their news and entertainment elsewhere.But for those who still love cable, this may be the last time they’ll see a television channel that’s in the black, and that’s because the cable industry […]