How to make your own immersive theatre experience with the Samsung IMAX theater project

A Samsung Iampark theater project is a virtual space where you can take a virtual tour of a Samsung TV, movie theatre, or theater, or see interactive art installations, including virtual replicas of famous films, interactive art works and interactive art performances.The Samsung IAMPark theater is now open to the public in the United States […]

Disney: How to Get Rid of Pelucus (The Official Guide)

Disney has unveiled its first interactive entertainment guide, which tells the story of the Disney character Pelucis.This interactive book is available for purchase at a Disney store, Disney Shop and Disney World stores.Read more: — Disney Parks (@DisneyParks) September 25, 2018The book is packed with Disney trivia and fun facts, such as the name […]

When is entertainment night?

Now Playing: Why do some people find entertainment so pleasurable?Now Playing; What are the most dangerous places in America?Now Play: A New York Times investigation of the dangers of binge drinking, drinking and drugs Now Playing | The first time you feel a cold and get sick.Now Playing.Now Play | How the US has gotten […]