How to get free Google Play Movies, TV, and more

It’s one of the best deals you can buy at a digital video store, and it could be worth it for a limited time. Google has just released the latest Google Play Store version, version 11.5, to the public, and while it’s still very much a beta release, there are a few new features that should […]

How to Find the Perfect Playlist for Your Next Event

There’s something about the way a music event can create a mood of “a new era” in the room, and that is the theme of this post.There are so many ways to put on a big, memorable event, so I have chosen a couple of the most iconic ones that I think will help you […]

When Blizzard Entertainment buys the UK’s gaming site, ‘it’s not going to be an internet site’

Blizzard Entertainment (TSE:BLK) is the latest big name to jump on the UK gaming site Twitch, the online streaming platform owned by YouTube and Twitch.The gaming company announced on Tuesday that it had entered into a definitive deal to acquire the UK-based online gaming site from its owner, UK gaming firm Gamestop.Twitch’s future, however, remains […]

How the Republican Party lost its soul after the shutdown

Small entertainment center owners say they’re tired of Republicans telling them they have to accept the shutdown as the end of the world.“I don’t think they understand the consequences of their actions,” said Todd T. Johnson, president of the Midtown Entertainment Group.“It’s been almost eight years.It’s time to move on.This is over.We don’t have a […]