Why Are People Leaving TV Shows and Movies?

In 2015, it was the case of a beloved TV show or movie that got cancelled.In 2016, it’s the case that a beloved television show or film that got picked up and rebooted.In 2017, it might be the case where a beloved series or movie got picked back up.What’s behind this?There’s no clear-cut answer, but […]

‘This was not a happy day’: Disney and Warner Bros. are not happy with the ratings of the new Disney-Marvel movies

A report from Deadline reveals that Disney-Universal’s live-action animated films are failing to make the same profits as their live-animated counterparts in the same territories.The report, which was sourced from multiple sources including Deadline, reveals that the live-comedy fare in the Disney-owned studio’s movies have struggled to make as much money as the live action […]

What are the risks of a zombie apocalypse?

What are some of the most common and potentially life-threatening issues a person might face during a zombie outbreak?The article you requested has been archived All coverage within bbc News requires JavaScript to be enabled.You have reached the maximum number of favourite stories.Please add more to your wishlist.

When is entertainment night?

Now Playing: Why do some people find entertainment so pleasurable?Now Playing; What are the most dangerous places in America?Now Play: A New York Times investigation of the dangers of binge drinking, drinking and drugs Now Playing | The first time you feel a cold and get sick.Now Playing.Now Play | How the US has gotten […]