‘Weird Al’ Yankovic and the Weirdest Thing You Can Do in a Hotel’

The Internet is awash with jokes and memes and, for the most part, they’re funny, but there’s a dark side to the Internet.Here are a few that have caught our eye.“I’ll buy a car with the Internet” The Internet’s largest car dealership is located in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley, and the car dealership was founded […]

Fazbear Entertainment’s FazBears TV series gets a TV show starring actor Kevin James

FazBear Entertainment is in the early stages of a plan to produce a FazFears TV show with Kevin James, who plays the furry bear character.James will star as Bear Boy, who is the first ever Fazbearer to appear on television, according to a release.The plan was first revealed in a tweet from the FazBFears account, […]

Which of these new games will be on the Google Play store in the next few weeks?

The next few months will be a busy time for gamers.On November 3rd, gamers will be able to pick up a new title from indie developer Mythical Entertainment, which has released its first title since launching the title in February.On December 4th, gamers can also get their first look at a new addition to the […]

When is the next BlizzCon?

The summer of 2017 has been marked by several big events in the gaming industry: BlizzCon 2017 was the big one, with more than 200,000 attendees.That number dwarfs previous BlizzCons, and it’s going to rise as the event grows.There are several reasons why BlizzCon will likely see an uptick in attendees: Games are getting better, […]

What does a pep entertainment ticket mean?

Enlarge/  Peep Entertainment tickets are often offered in a variety of ways. They can be bought on the internet, in a convenience store, or at a bar. One of the most common ways to purchase a peep ticket is with Bitcoin, which can be purchased for $1.50. The bitcoin price has recently dropped to a high of $1,200.Peep […]

How to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs online with a cable subscription

NHL players have spent most of the past two years enjoying some of the greatest outdoor hockey experiences in the world.Now they’re hoping to make it even more exciting by watching the Stanley Cauldron on a cable box.On Friday, the NHL announced it is giving away $2,500 worth of cable boxes to fans of the […]