Which of these new games will be on the Google Play store in the next few weeks?

The next few months will be a busy time for gamers.On November 3rd, gamers will be able to pick up a new title from indie developer Mythical Entertainment, which has released its first title since launching the title in February.On December 4th, gamers can also get their first look at a new addition to the […]

How to Make Mythical Music Videos With ‘Fashion’ in Them

The next time you find yourself at a music show and want to try your hand at making a music video, be sure to take a cue from the show’s creators.The producers of ‘Faux Passe’, ‘Barefoot in Paris’ and ‘The Power of Two’ have done an admirable job with the music video series, which features […]

‘The Conjuring’ star ‘will be a bit more subdued in the next two years’: Evan Peters

Evan Peters, who starred in The Conjuring, has said he will be “a bit less subdued” in the coming years and “have a bit of fun”.Speaking at a London premiere of the film, which also features Alice Cooper, Peters revealed he had not been able to attend a single live show since he was cast […]