What Happens When You Cut Out the Musical and Get to Talk to the Celebrities

There are few more powerful, more authentic voices in pop culture than the ones in the musical world.As a matter of fact, the musical worlds most famous stars—Billie Holiday, Barbra Streisand, Cher, and Christina Aguilera—all have at least one musical in their repertoires.That doesn’t mean they’re all the same, but the fact that they’re in […]

Jyp Entertainment to acquire Jyp entertainment for US$200 million

Jyp is the world’s leading online entertainment platform for musicians, filmmakers, and musicians, offering a global music catalog spanning more than 100 million songs.The company is known for the JYP Music Network, which allows users to instantly listen to thousands of songs at one time from hundreds of music streaming platforms.Jyp recently announced it was […]