Why did Nana Entertainment not give her a deal?

A little-known but powerful figure at Nana entertainment is trying to shake up the family entertainment landscape in the United States.Nana Entertainment is the parent company of Live Nation Entertainment, a network of companies that includes Disney, Nickelodeon, and Disney Junior.The family entertainment giant is the only parent company in the world that owns a […]

Live Nation Entertainment: ‘We’re not trying to sell a platform to the highest bidder.’

Live Nation is looking to build a content platform to connect its audience and engage with its users on a broader scale.In a blog post today, Live Nation CEO and co-founder Eric Schulze said that Live Nation was launching a platform that will “help connect consumers with their favorite music, entertainment, and sports content from […]

Which TV shows should you tune into to get the full-fledged live nation experience?

The Next World has just released the new edition of its live nation entertainment center (FLIC) guidebook, which focuses on TV shows that feature real-life characters and situations from the live nation.Here are the Top Ten TV shows you need to watch this year:1.Survivor (CBS)The producers of Survivor have been pretty busy in the past […]