Which NFL team should you root for in 2018?

Las Vegas entertainment mogul Las Vegas Sands Entertainment CEO Sheldon Adelson has announced his support for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for president in 2018.In a statement posted to his social media accounts on Friday, Adelson said he will vote for Trump and Cruz for the presidency in 2020.He said: “I am a lifelong Republican, […]

How to Watch Netflix without a cable subscription

This article first appeared on Wired.com.It has been updated to include new details.Netflix, the video-streaming company, is launching a new way for its millions of subscribers to access the service.The company’s first foray into the home entertainment space is rolling out a streaming service that requires a cable TV subscription.The service will be available for […]

Why Are People Leaving TV Shows and Movies?

In 2015, it was the case of a beloved TV show or movie that got cancelled.In 2016, it’s the case that a beloved television show or film that got picked up and rebooted.In 2017, it might be the case where a beloved series or movie got picked back up.What’s behind this?There’s no clear-cut answer, but […]

Which airlines are bringing the Las Vegas entertainment to America?

Las Vegas, NV— American Airlines, Delta, and Southwest are all expected to begin offering Las Vegas Entertainment to passengers, according to a report from The Associated Press (AP).American Airlines will launch the entertainment in early 2018.Delta and Southwest will also begin allowing Las Vegas to be available to domestic travelers starting in the second half […]