Why Google Glass won’t replace your glasses: This week’s Top Tech stories

Updated Jan. 13, 2019 10:17:48The iPhone 7 Plus will come with a high-resolution display, a fingerprint sensor, a new camera app, a bigger battery and a new feature that lets you record and share your video chats with friends.But the biggest change in Google Glass will be its new cameras, which it says will allow […]

What’s in the new Blue Entertainment Center?

A new blue entertainment center has opened in the entertainment district of downtown Toronto.It will be the first in Canada to offer premium entertainment including live performances by Canadian musical artists.The new Blue entertainment center will be located on Dundas Street between Queen Street and University Avenue, just north of Toronto’s downtown core.The entertainment center’s […]

How to get free Google Play Movies, TV, and more

It’s one of the best deals you can buy at a digital video store, and it could be worth it for a limited time.¬†Google has just released the latest Google Play Store version, version 11.5, to the public, and while it’s still very much a beta release, there are a few new features that should […]