‘We Are Alive’ game on PS4 will be released in 2017, developers say

The makers of “We Are Dead” game on the PS4 have said it will be made available on the console next year.The game was developed by Studio 4 Games, the same studio behind “The Last of Us” and “Project Gotham Racing.”The developer’s comments came in a statement to Polygon.“We are not going to reveal anything […]

How to stream a live, unedited Game of Thrones: Season 5 premiere in a few minutes

The latest installment of HBO’s Game of Throne series is set to begin streaming on Wednesday.The premiere of the fifth season, entitled The Night Lands, will be available in just over 30 minutes.The hour-long show will feature guest commentary from the Game of Kings’ Gregor Clegane and Theon Greyjoy, as well as a few extras, […]