‘Gotham’ to get a new ‘New 52’ cover

Deadline.com — The cover story for the next season of Gotham, “New 52,” is now set.The magazine announced Tuesday that a cover design has been chosen by Fox to debut in September.It will feature the iconic characters from the DC Comics universe, along with the iconic Batmobile from “The Flash.”A press release from the magazine […]

Fox Entertainment News – Fox’s Family Entertainment Center, a new home for Fox TV, has opened in Hyderabad

Fox Entertainment has announced that it will open a new family entertainment center in Hyderago, India.Fox’s Family SportsCenter will be one of the first sports-related entertainment facilities in India and is expected to be fully operational by March 2018.The new facility is located in Hyderabadi, the city of Hyderabad.Fox is one of India’s largest cable […]