Why Are People Leaving TV Shows and Movies?

In 2015, it was the case of a beloved TV show or movie that got cancelled.In 2016, it’s the case that a beloved television show or film that got picked up and rebooted.In 2017, it might be the case where a beloved series or movie got picked back up.What’s behind this?There’s no clear-cut answer, but […]

Google’s YouTube Now Is Now Available to All Android Users

Google’s new YouTube app is now available for Android users, bringing Google’s search engine to more people than ever before.The announcement comes as Google prepares to roll out Google Now, a feature that will let users instantly search the web, get local weather information, and receive recommendations from other people via their Google search history.Google’s […]

Why you should watch a live performance of The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard Of Oz was a live show.It’s hard to get into a movie that isn’t a live, and the Wizard of Toy Story is the only live-action movie that was ever filmed with sound in it.But the film also has a very different history. In 1937, the Walt Disney Company commissioned Warner Bros. to make […]