A Disney-owned animation studio is looking for an investor to help fund a new studio and produce a new animated series

Disney-Peluchin Entertainment has filed a registration statement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, detailing its plans to open a new animation studio and develop a new TV series.Pelucis new animation and entertainment company, DisneyPelusio, aims to produce and produce animated series, with the aim of producing a “multi-faceted and multi-platform” television series, according to […]

What’s the deal with the giant banana, the big deal?

The big banana is a giant of sorts for entertainment center ideas.While most of us will never get the opportunity to see the giant, it is a staple in most Indian homes and even in most temples.A huge banana with a huge green body, it has a huge, red mouth and a long nose and […]

Which restaurant is the best in Las Vegas?

There’s no shortage of restaurants in Las, including the likes of the Burbank Bowl, which is open for business this week.But the biggest draw is the Burberry Burrito Bowl, a favorite for years, and the Wynn, which has the best food, with its “hot, spicy and tasty” menu.But there’s a big difference between a Burberry […]