Charles Entertainment’s new cheese ad is a hilarious satire of the entertainment industry

Charles Entertainment, the parent company of MTV and VH1, has debuted a new cheese commercial.The ad begins with a parody of the “Charlie’s Angels” movie franchise with a man named Charlie.The man’s name is Charlie, and the video is titled “Charlie the Cheese Guy.”The man asks Charlie if he would like to be a cheesemaker.Charlie […]

How to Find the Perfect Playlist for Your Next Event

There’s something about the way a music event can create a mood of “a new era” in the room, and that is the theme of this post.There are so many ways to put on a big, memorable event, so I have chosen a couple of the most iconic ones that I think will help you […]

Which TV shows should you tune into to get the full-fledged live nation experience?

The Next World has just released the new edition of its live nation entertainment center (FLIC) guidebook, which focuses on TV shows that feature real-life characters and situations from the live nation.Here are the Top Ten TV shows you need to watch this year:1.Survivor (CBS)The producers of Survivor have been pretty busy in the past […]