The first episode of ‘Fargo’ is a blast, and we’ve got all the details

Posted October 11, 2019 04:15:28The first episode, titled “Fargo,” aired Monday night.We’re just now getting to see the rest of the season.It’s a good time to talk about the first episode.The first half of the episode focuses on what’s going on with the show’s main characters.What is it like to work with a show that’s […]

NHL fans are singing, dancing and dancing again after being forced out of games

The NHL is going to try something different this season, but the fans who are going to have to make do with what is left of the arena are already on their feet and dancing.The players are coming out to the rink and taking the ice as if they were having a fun day out.The […]

When Is Hollywood Going to Make an Epilogue About Me?

Hollywood is still reeling from the sexual harassment scandals that rocked its industry.And with the new year now in full swing, a number of projects are in limbo as producers are scrambling to find creative ways to honor survivors and address the widespread criticism of their work.However, there is one project that is set to […]