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Which NFL team should you root for in 2018?

Las Vegas entertainment mogul Las Vegas Sands Entertainment CEO Sheldon Adelson has announced his support for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for president in 2018.In a statement posted to his social media accounts on Friday, Adelson said he will vote for Trump and Cruz for the presidency in 2020.He said: “I am a lifelong Republican, […]

Which esports teams are your favorite to watch?

Overbrook Entertainment, an entertainment entertainment company that produces high-profile sports documentaries and series, recently released the first part of a two-part series on NBA superstar LeBron James.In Part One, titled “The Best NBA Teams,” we look at some of the NBA’s biggest teams from past and present, and in Part Two, titled, “The 10 Best […]

How to Watch Netflix without a cable subscription

This article first appeared on has been updated to include new details.Netflix, the video-streaming company, is launching a new way for its millions of subscribers to access the service.The company’s first foray into the home entertainment space is rolling out a streaming service that requires a cable TV subscription.The service will be available for […]

‘Derek is the best’: Tg Entertainment boss says Derek is the ‘best’ of his company

Posted November 16, 2018 07:20:52After six years of success, Tg has seen its share price drop by more than $200 million (NZ$280 million) and the company is struggling to turn around its finances.The company’s latest quarter results show it has lost about 40% of its value and it’s down from the peak of around $9 […]

How to Get Into Africa and Into a Top Entertainment Industry

The world of entertainment is rapidly shifting from one where you can get into a niche to one where it’s all about fame and money.Now, a new genre of music called hip hop, or rap, is gaining momentum and making its way into mainstream.It’s an easy way to make money in the entertainment business, even […]

Disney is closing Castle Rock in 2020

Disney has announced that it will close Castle Rock Entertainment on December 31, 2020, according to Entertainment Weekly.The studio will close its doors after 12 years, ending a partnership that began in 2005.The closure will affect approximately 20 employees.A press release from the studio says that Castle Rock will remain open for the benefit of […]

How to watch Starz’s new “Tiny Furniture” on

Starz Entertainment’s “Tina Furniture,” starring the cast of “Arrested Development” and “The Mindy Project,” is available for $7.99 from Amazon and has been making its way to other retailers.The series follows Tina (Lizzy Caplan), who lives with her husband and two children on a small Manhattan apartment block and dreams of owning a large mansion, […]

Celta-Fiestas to become Las Vegas’ largest entertainment centre

In February, the Spanish sports-centre operator Las Vegas Sands announced plans to construct the largest and most expensive sports complex in the world, which will include a massive casino and casino lounge.The new casino is due to open in 2019, and will be the world’s biggest sports-entertainMENT centre.The project will be owned by Caesars Entertainment, […]

How to Make Mythical Music Videos With ‘Fashion’ in Them

The next time you find yourself at a music show and want to try your hand at making a music video, be sure to take a cue from the show’s creators.The producers of ‘Faux Passe’, ‘Barefoot in Paris’ and ‘The Power of Two’ have done an admirable job with the music video series, which features […]