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Why Google Glass won’t replace your glasses: This week’s Top Tech stories

Updated Jan. 13, 2019 10:17:48The iPhone 7 Plus will come with a high-resolution display, a fingerprint sensor, a new camera app, a bigger battery and a new feature that lets you record and share your video chats with friends.But the biggest change in Google Glass will be its new cameras, which it says will allow […]

How to Create a Floating Entertainment Center for the Home

The concept of floating entertainment centers was a big one in the ’90s.The idea was to let people enjoy the world around them with a few large floating panels that could be set up for video and/or live music, or for movies and/a TV show or TV series.These would float up and down at the […]

The Next Big Entertainment System? Bigger Than We Thought

The next big entertainment system, bigger than the television or the computer, is not a question of if, but when.This is not about the technology.It is about the business model.The next generation of entertainment devices and applications will be the most disruptive technologies in the history of mankind.If you are not part of the entertainment […]

What’s the deal with the giant banana, the big deal?

The big banana is a giant of sorts for entertainment center ideas.While most of us will never get the opportunity to see the giant, it is a staple in most Indian homes and even in most temples.A huge banana with a huge green body, it has a huge, red mouth and a long nose and […]

Colts’ D’Qwell Jackson ‘wasn’t a priority’ for Chargers

Colts defensive end D’Quinton Dunbar is recovering from a left knee injury and is expected to miss Sunday’s game against the Chiefs with a left foot injury, according to multiple reports.Jackson’s injury was first reported by the Indianapolis Star, which reported that Dunbar suffered a left calf strain during the first quarter of Sunday’s loss […]

When you’re looking for the best black entertainment television channel in America

This is what you need to know about black entertainment TV in the US. Black entertainment TV has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the United States. There are a few major reasons for this, which I will try to break down.1. It’s more diverse than you think2. Its more financially viable3.  Black TV has always […]

Why Nintendo’s new home console will be a hit

Posted October 12, 2018 07:09:51When the Nintendo Switch was announced last year, one of its biggest selling points was the ability to play a Nintendo Switch title on the TV in the living room.Now, the company is launching the new Nintendo Switch Console as an entertainment center, where players can access and play games and […]

How to watch a big screen movie online without a cable subscription

I’m a big fan of movies.They’re the best way to get my adrenaline pumping and get me through the day, and I love to watch them with my kids.That said, I do pay for movies, and that’s why I’ve decided to give it a try.It’s not that I’m against cable or streaming services, it’s just […]