‘Gotham’ to get a new ‘New 52’ cover

Deadline.com — The cover story for the next season of Gotham, “New 52,” is now set.The magazine announced Tuesday that a cover design has been chosen by Fox to debut in September.It will feature the iconic characters from the DC Comics universe, along with the iconic Batmobile from “The Flash.”A press release from the magazine […]

What Happens When You Cut Out the Musical and Get to Talk to the Celebrities

There are few more powerful, more authentic voices in pop culture than the ones in the musical world.As a matter of fact, the musical worlds most famous stars—Billie Holiday, Barbra Streisand, Cher, and Christina Aguilera—all have at least one musical in their repertoires.That doesn’t mean they’re all the same, but the fact that they’re in […]

Which restaurant is the best in Las Vegas?

There’s no shortage of restaurants in Las, including the likes of the Burbank Bowl, which is open for business this week.But the biggest draw is the Burberry Burrito Bowl, a favorite for years, and the Wynn, which has the best food, with its “hot, spicy and tasty” menu.But there’s a big difference between a Burberry […]

How to Find the Perfect Playlist for Your Next Event

There’s something about the way a music event can create a mood of “a new era” in the room, and that is the theme of this post.There are so many ways to put on a big, memorable event, so I have chosen a couple of the most iconic ones that I think will help you […]

Why did Nana Entertainment not give her a deal?

A little-known but powerful figure at Nana entertainment is trying to shake up the family entertainment landscape in the United States.Nana Entertainment is the parent company of Live Nation Entertainment, a network of companies that includes Disney, Nickelodeon, and Disney Junior.The family entertainment giant is the only parent company in the world that owns a […]

Fox Entertainment News – Fox’s Family Entertainment Center, a new home for Fox TV, has opened in Hyderabad

Fox Entertainment has announced that it will open a new family entertainment center in Hyderago, India.Fox’s Family SportsCenter will be one of the first sports-related entertainment facilities in India and is expected to be fully operational by March 2018.The new facility is located in Hyderabadi, the city of Hyderabad.Fox is one of India’s largest cable […]

How to Avoid a Walmart Vacation Vacation is a good idea for anyone with kids

How to avoid a Walmart vacation Vacation has been around for a long time, but it’s getting more and more popular.With so many options to choose from, many people are finding it hard to decide whether they should go on vacation or not.So what should you do when you’re thinking about going on vacation?Let’s take […]

How to watch TV shows at the park

The great outdoors is back in style, and Disney Parks Hollywood Studios is ready to bring the thrill of a live TV show to your living room.The park’s family-friendly, family-centric entertainment centers will feature a mix of family-oriented and traditional shows, as well as the latest Disney movies and live events.Here’s everything you need to […]