How the Israeli media made the Israel-Palestine conflict look good for Israel

The Israeli media has been the main source of news about the conflict in the West Bank and Gaza for nearly three decades, largely because of its coverage of the 1967 Six-Day War.But the media has also been a powerful political instrument in Israel, with news outlets like The Jerusalem Report and Yedioth Ahronoth regularly […]

Which esports teams are your favorite to watch?

Overbrook Entertainment, an entertainment entertainment company that produces high-profile sports documentaries and series, recently released the first part of a two-part series on NBA superstar LeBron James.In Part One, titled “The Best NBA Teams,” we look at some of the NBA’s biggest teams from past and present, and in Part Two, titled, “The 10 Best […]

How to Get Into Africa and Into a Top Entertainment Industry

The world of entertainment is rapidly shifting from one where you can get into a niche to one where it’s all about fame and money.Now, a new genre of music called hip hop, or rap, is gaining momentum and making its way into mainstream.It’s an easy way to make money in the entertainment business, even […]

Costco to close ‘Costco Live!’ at the end of the year

Costco Entertainment Center, the popular movie theater in New York City, will close its doors at the beginning of the month.The closing is expected to affect about 2,500 employees.The announcement came Monday, the day after the second quarter ended.The company said it will offer the last of its regular movie screenings on Feb. 25.It will […]

When Hollywood’s ‘biggest’ studios sell off their assets

By National Review Staff WritersThe latest news from the Entertainment Industry, a collaboration between the Atlantic and National Review.Follow our coverage of the 2017–2018 year in movies, TV and online at The 2017–18 Golden Globe Awards are on Feb. 12. The most important movie of 2017: The Weinstein Co. movie ‘The Best Man Holiday’The year […]

Kim Jong Un’s favorite TV shows

Kim Jong-un loves the American version of “The Simpsons” and the British version of Game of Thrones.“We’re doing a show in the U.S. that will be broadcast next week on American cable,” he told reporters on Monday.“It’s the American TV show ‘The Simpsons’ and it’s called ‘The Game of Thrones.’”The North Korean leader, who has […]

Charles Entertainment’s new cheese ad is a hilarious satire of the entertainment industry

Charles Entertainment, the parent company of MTV and VH1, has debuted a new cheese commercial.The ad begins with a parody of the “Charlie’s Angels” movie franchise with a man named Charlie.The man’s name is Charlie, and the video is titled “Charlie the Cheese Guy.”The man asks Charlie if he would like to be a cheesemaker.Charlie […]