How to make a song worth a thousand words

Artist, songwriter and composer Justin Vernon has compiled a list of the top 10 songs ever made with an estimated worth of $1 billion.Here are his top 10:10.The Lion King, Disney-Pixar film (1993) $1.1 billionThe Lion King was the highest-grossing animated film of all time at the time and has remained one of the best-selling […]

A Disney-owned animation studio is looking for an investor to help fund a new studio and produce a new animated series

Disney-Peluchin Entertainment has filed a registration statement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, detailing its plans to open a new animation studio and develop a new TV series.Pelucis new animation and entertainment company, DisneyPelusio, aims to produce and produce animated series, with the aim of producing a “multi-faceted and multi-platform” television series, according to […]

Charles Entertainment’s new deal with Imagination Entertainment is worth $1 billion to $2 billion

The New York Stock Exchange has issued a news release announcing the agreement to acquire Imagination, which produces animated television shows, video games, and comic books.The deal will be valued at $1.8 billion to be distributed among Imagination’s five studios, which are: Cartoon Network, Paramount Pictures, Disney Television Animation, Warner Bros. Television Animation and Warner […]

How to Create a Floating Entertainment Center for the Home

The concept of floating entertainment centers was a big one in the ’90s.The idea was to let people enjoy the world around them with a few large floating panels that could be set up for video and/or live music, or for movies and/a TV show or TV series.These would float up and down at the […]

What if you’re the star of the show?

What if it was you?If you were the star?And what if your career was built on winning the Emmy?That’s the question posed by the newly minted executive producer of the critically acclaimed comedy series Silicon Valley.The question is being asked by the likes of Kevin Spacey and Charlie Sheen, who have both expressed interest in […]