Why is ‘Surreal’ being blamed for the deaths of so many Australians?

When Australia’s most popular show, Surreal, was cancelled in March, fans blamed its cancellation for the number of deaths in the country’s gambling industry.But it is the popularity of the film Surreal that has caused the biggest outcry in Australia, as a film shot in the same year is also linked to the deaths.The film’s […]

What to know about the new ‘Penguin Theatre’ and the ‘Pantheon’ on Sydney’s Southbank

News Corp Australia has launched a new online exhibition at the Penguin Theatre.The new exhibition, ‘Pantsheon’, opens at the venue this Friday night.It will run through Saturday morning. The Penguin Theatre is located on the corner of Southbank and Macquarie Streets in Sydney’s CBD.It has been owned by The Penguin Group since 2007 and is the […]

‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ Review: ‘I Am Not Your Mother’

A sequel to the 2013 hit “Fantastique Beasts and Their Great Adventure” has been announced for a 2017 release.The film is directed by Daniel Espinosa, based on the “Fictional Beasts” book series by author J.K. Rowling.The title will be the name of the film, and will be titled “I Am not your mother,” and will […]

How to stream a live, unedited Game of Thrones: Season 5 premiere in a few minutes

The latest installment of HBO’s Game of Throne series is set to begin streaming on Wednesday.The premiere of the fifth season, entitled The Night Lands, will be available in just over 30 minutes.The hour-long show will feature guest commentary from the Game of Kings’ Gregor Clegane and Theon Greyjoy, as well as a few extras, […]

When Disney Studios opens its first-ever Hollywood studio: A timeline of what’s next for the company

Posted March 11, 2020 11:31:00With the Walt Disney Studios launching its first ever Hollywood studio, it’s time to take a look at what’s coming down the pipe.Disney Studios is building an enormous, multi-year production complex that will serve as a hub for the animation industry and a home for the most talented and experienced talent.In […]

Disney: How to Get Rid of Pelucus (The Official Guide)

Disney has unveiled its first interactive entertainment guide, which tells the story of the Disney character Pelucis.This interactive book is available for purchase at a Disney store, Disney Shop and Disney World stores.Read more: https://t.co/pZ2P6m4nDjpic.twitter.com/L6ZV4Jf5tD — Disney Parks (@DisneyParks) September 25, 2018The book is packed with Disney trivia and fun facts, such as the name […]

Who will win the first of the four grand finals of the Grand Slam?

With a few days to go until the beginning of the first Grand Slam final, here’s everything you need to know about the opening match of the men’s and women’s tennis final.The opening match between Serena Williams and Nadal is one of the biggest matches of the season, with both men’s players set to compete […]

How the Republican Party lost its soul after the shutdown

Small entertainment center owners say they’re tired of Republicans telling them they have to accept the shutdown as the end of the world.“I don’t think they understand the consequences of their actions,” said Todd T. Johnson, president of the Midtown Entertainment Group.“It’s been almost eight years.It’s time to move on.This is over.We don’t have a […]

What are the risks of a zombie apocalypse?

What are some of the most common and potentially life-threatening issues a person might face during a zombie outbreak?The article you requested has been archived All coverage within bbc News requires JavaScript to be enabled.You have reached the maximum number of favourite stories.Please add more to your wishlist.