Three Australian bands to headline Perth’s opening weekend of Live Music

Three Australian artists are set to headline the Perth’s first ever live music event on Saturday, with a sold-out run of three acts expected to make the trip to the city.Jyp Entertainment, the Perth-based live music and art group, will headline the event in its inaugural outing at the Westpac Stadium on Saturday afternoon, followed […]

‘We Are Alive’ game on PS4 will be released in 2017, developers say

The makers of “We Are Dead” game on the PS4 have said it will be made available on the console next year.The game was developed by Studio 4 Games, the same studio behind “The Last of Us” and “Project Gotham Racing.”The developer’s comments came in a statement to Polygon.“We are not going to reveal anything […]

Live Nation Entertainment: ‘We’re not trying to sell a platform to the highest bidder.’

Live Nation is looking to build a content platform to connect its audience and engage with its users on a broader scale.In a blog post today, Live Nation CEO and co-founder Eric Schulze said that Live Nation was launching a platform that will “help connect consumers with their favorite music, entertainment, and sports content from […]

How to Stream and Buy Adult Video from the Cat’s Meow Source Wired title I watched a cat movie, but it wasn’t all that great for me

Wired – March 25, 2020 9:30amDawg Entertainment and Klei Entertainment are proud to announce the release of Adult Video Game Streaming: the world’s first adult video game streaming service that lets anyone play, rent, buy, stream, share, or view a cat video game in a single tab.The Adult Video Games Streaming Service (AVGS) will be […]

Hong Kong’s ‘Golden Girls’ return to TV after five years in hiatus

Posted November 14, 2019 06:05:31Hong Kong’s “Golden Girls” returned to TV on Thursday, after nearly five years of hiatus following the release of its fourth season.The television drama, produced by the Hong Kong-based TV production company Yoo-Ping Group, was picked up by Hong Kong Broadcasting System (HKBS) on Thursday for its fourth series.It was set […]

What does a pep entertainment ticket mean?

Enlarge/  Peep Entertainment tickets are often offered in a variety of ways. They can be bought on the internet, in a convenience store, or at a bar. One of the most common ways to purchase a peep ticket is with Bitcoin, which can be purchased for $1.50. The bitcoin price has recently dropped to a high of $1,200.Peep […]

How the Philippines has been saved from the apocalypse

It has been almost six months since the last typhoon hit, and the Philippine government is already looking to 2017 as the year when it could emerge from its crisis.“This year is going to be the year we can really make the change,” President Rodrigo Duterte said at the inauguration of the Philippines Global Network […]

When Blizzard Entertainment buys the UK’s gaming site, ‘it’s not going to be an internet site’

Blizzard Entertainment (TSE:BLK) is the latest big name to jump on the UK gaming site Twitch, the online streaming platform owned by YouTube and Twitch.The gaming company announced on Tuesday that it had entered into a definitive deal to acquire the UK-based online gaming site from its owner, UK gaming firm Gamestop.Twitch’s future, however, remains […]