NHL trade deadline: Can the Canucks use the picks they’ll get to land a player in the 2019 draft?

Today’s hockey news in Canada: NHL trade deadlines The Canucks, Maple Leafs and Flyers will get their first-round picks, followed by the Kings, Oilers, Flyers and Sabres in 2019.The Blue Jackets, Islanders and Panthers have their second-round selections, followed in 2019 by the Ducks, Capitals, Coyotes and Predators.The Canucks and Maple Leafs each have the […]

Philippine media outlets start to cover the Philippines’ military crackdown

Manila (AFP) – Philippine media giants are taking a public stand against the military crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, as the country braces for a third consecutive year of anti-government protests.The biggest Philippine daily, La Nacion, said on Sunday it will no longer cover any of the countrys most prominent political figures, as part of an […]

Which is the best gaming console?

Updated January 11, 2018 12:05:25 The Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro both have an upgraded graphics processor and improved storage, but there’s a catch: neither is a gaming console.That’s because there’s only one.The Xbox team has announced that the X will support both AMD’s Polaris 10 and NVIDIA’s Pascal architecture.This means the X […]

How much do you pay for your TV?

You know how a lot of people get a bargain TV deal that includes the basic channels?Well, they usually don’t pay that much more than they would for their own basic channel.It’s called a premium channel and it comes with a lot more in terms of channels and features than the basic channel does.For example, […]

Wood Entertainment Center to open in 2018

Wood Entertainment and Live Music center is the latest development to hit the city of Chicago.Wood will officially open in the new year on North Chicago Avenue and North Avenue.The new Wood entertainment center is expected to feature the same type of amenities that exist in the popular Wood entertainment district.The Wood entertainment area is […]

New movie ‘The World’s Greatest Dad’ is a Disney classic

By LOUIS GALLAGHER | 05/27/18 06:01:52New film “The Worlds Greatest Dad” by James Stewart and John Doss is set to release in theaters on Friday, October 3, 2019, in what is one of the most anticipated movie releases of 2018.It stars Doss, who also starred in the critically acclaimed comedy “The Perfect Storm,” and Stewart, […]

Which Disney Studios and Warner Bros. Movies Are You Looking Forward to Watching in 2018?

Overbrook Entertainment and Warner Brothers have teamed up to bring an animated movie featuring a new cast of characters to theaters.The film, titled Overbrook, will be available in theaters across the U.S. and Canada on May 26.The movie is written and directed by Scott Tobias and is set to premiere in theaters on June 6, […]

What if the WWE’s first ever women’s championship match was actually about the WWE and not about women?

The WWE may have the most well-known tag team division in all of professional wrestling, but they don’t actually use the term “women’s championship” to refer to themselves.It’s a tag that’s been applied to the WWE, and it’s been used to refer exclusively to women for decades, dating back to the late 1960s.And while the […]

Which is the real story behind the rumours?

FOX NEWS entertainment is a company that owns Fox and other television networks.It has a stake in many other entertainment properties, including The Simpsons, the Family Guy, Glee, 24 and America’s Got Talent.It’s also a major player in the live television game, hosting several of the biggest shows in the world.ABC chief executive Gillian Troughton-Brown […]