What the new Sony PlayStation 4 Pro console can do for your family

JYP Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment are making a splash at the CES in Las Vegas this week.It’s Sony’s first major event since the company announced its new PlayStation 4.Sony has already launched the new console at a handful of special events, including a few of its own shows.It announced the console during CES 2017 […]

MTV’s ‘Jellyfish’ Premiere Goes Off the Rails With ‘Frozen’ (Video)

A new season of MTV’s popular “JellyFish” comedy series is being canceled after a disastrous first season that had the star’s character frozen to death.The comedy series, created by the “Parks and Recreation” writer/star Kristen Schaal, was canceled after the season finale last week, but not before the series was canceled in its third season.“Jeloboy” […]

Which of these new games will be on the Google Play store in the next few weeks?

The next few months will be a busy time for gamers.On November 3rd, gamers will be able to pick up a new title from indie developer Mythical Entertainment, which has released its first title since launching the title in February.On December 4th, gamers can also get their first look at a new addition to the […]

How to avoid a repeat of 2015’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ riots

By Emily Rauch and Sarah DuttonThe protests that took place last week across the country following the acquittal of former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson are often seen as a microcosm of the broader race tensions that have shaken America in the last decade.But while some of the protesters’ grievances seem rooted in race, there’s […]

Which NFL team should you root for in 2018?

Las Vegas entertainment mogul Las Vegas Sands Entertainment CEO Sheldon Adelson has announced his support for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for president in 2018.In a statement posted to his social media accounts on Friday, Adelson said he will vote for Trump and Cruz for the presidency in 2020.He said: “I am a lifelong Republican, […]

How to Watch Netflix without a cable subscription

This article first appeared on Wired.com.It has been updated to include new details.Netflix, the video-streaming company, is launching a new way for its millions of subscribers to access the service.The company’s first foray into the home entertainment space is rolling out a streaming service that requires a cable TV subscription.The service will be available for […]

How to Live in the Stars

By the time he was 19, Steve Martin was already a star in the business world.His father, Jim Martin, was a successful film producer in Los Angeles, where he’d done numerous films.Steve had always been interested in acting and was even on the faculty at UCLA at the time.But Jim Martin wasn’t the kind of […]

Why is your iPhone making me cry?

Posted February 05, 2020 11:53:22Ever since the release of The Wolf Among Us, I’ve been fascinated by a story that took place during one of my childhood days at the mall.I’ve spent a good deal of time wondering how the iPhone reacted to my crying, because the only other time I’ve ever felt anything like […]

Donald Trump says he’s ‘very disappointed’ in Senate’s vote to kill sanctuary cities

President Donald Trump on Tuesday night said he is “very disappointed” in the Senate’s 51-49 vote to repeal the “sanctuary city” rule, which protects local governments from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.“We will have to go back and see what happens,” Trump said.“But we’re not going to be in a position of having to come […]

Which entertainment stocks are the best for investors?

Epic Entertainment is one of the most successful entertainment companies in the world.It’s worth over $1 trillion.This has resulted in a lot of investors wanting to get into the stock market.One thing that sets Epic apart from many other companies is that it has a very aggressive revenue growth plan.This is something that a lot […]