The Tall Entertainment Center is the Next Big Thing

Tall Entertainment Centers, the new brand for the company that owns and operates the new Tall Entertainment Park in New York, will debut on Tuesday in New Jersey, sources said.The new brand will debut with a series of shows including “Big Daddy’s House,” which will feature the world famous peluchin, sources confirmed to The Hindu.The […]

Why is Beyonce in the spotlight?

The next time you see Beyonce, it will probably be with her singing “Famous.”Her latest video for the song, “Familia,” has already earned her an audience of over 15 million people worldwide, which has given her a global reach that can only be measured by her fame.And now the video is making its way to […]

Black Entertainment News: Black Entertainment TV stars get their own podcast

Black Entertainment has announced a new series of podcasts for the black community, which will focus on Black music, comedy and art.The Black Entertainment Podcasts podcast series will be launched on April 21.This is the first time the podcasts will be offered on a non-commercial basis.“We have been thinking about this for some time and […]

How to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs online with a cable subscription

NHL players have spent most of the past two years enjoying some of the greatest outdoor hockey experiences in the world.Now they’re hoping to make it even more exciting by watching the Stanley Cauldron on a cable box.On Friday, the NHL announced it is giving away $2,500 worth of cable boxes to fans of the […]

Why ‘Entourage’ star has to stay away from ‘Teen Wolf’

Ixile, the young talent in the Ixiles family, is going to have to deal with a lot of pressure to stay on top of his career.The actor, who is a frequent presence on Teen Wolf, will be in a much more senior role on the network’s freshman drama, The Good Place.He will play a key […]

How to win over women at WannaCry Games

EntertainmentOne’s Adam Rubin writes that a lot of people will be talking about the WannaCrypt ransomware hack and how it made headlines, but there’s one thing everyone should be talking to women about: How do you handle cyberbullying?Because it’s important to understand that not everyone has the ability to do what happened in the WanaCry […]

Golden Globes: Will there be a live stream?

Newsweek is reporting that Golden Globies will be televised live from the show’s set at the Westgate West in Hollywood. In the event that there is a problem with the live stream, the show will be suspended for 24 hours and the live broadcast will be made available online via CBS All Access. Golden Globes is a […]

How to get free Westgate Entertainment on Google Play

Posted November 05, 2018 06:00:51Westgate Entertainment is a major chain of theme parks and resorts in Florida, and they have some pretty cool features.The most obvious of which is the Westgate Park.Westgate is the biggest theme park in the world, and the only one in the US.The theme park has over 700 rides, but there […]