What’s the deal with the giant banana, the big deal?

The big banana is a giant of sorts for entertainment center ideas.

While most of us will never get the opportunity to see the giant, it is a staple in most Indian homes and even in most temples.

A huge banana with a huge green body, it has a huge, red mouth and a long nose and eyes.

Its fruit is usually eaten at weddings and celebrations.

The banana has many names, including banana of the mountains, mango of the hills, banana of heaven, banana fruit of the world, banana-farming village, banana farm, banana plant and banana plant of India.

Here are some of the most popular: The banana is also known as “the fruit of God” and is a symbol of divine love.

It is worshipped in India and in Sri Lanka and in various parts of the globe.

People in the Muslim world, who have a history of consuming the banana, are often called “babu kalashnikovs”.

The giant banana is often called the “banana of heaven” in Sri Lankan and Tamil temples.

The huge fruit is eaten at the annual Banda Bhajan and Banda Mahadev temple ceremonies.

It has also been eaten at various temples of Hinduism and Buddhism in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

A popular Indian dessert is called “banan masala”.

The big, green banana is eaten in the same manner as the large banana.

It tastes of banana and has lots of banana seeds.

It can be used for many dishes, like soup, desserts, curries, curry, masala, kimchi, naan, rice, chapatis, curry paste, paneer, curd, paneera and many more.

The fruit is a good source of vitamin C. It contains a lot of iron and vitamin K, so it is essential to take in large quantities.

It also contains protein, vitamins A, C, B and K, potassium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and copper.

It provides a good amount of iron as well as a lot more calcium.

Its main use is in making yogurt and other dairy products.

The giant fruit is also used in making banana milk, banana juice and banana bread.

It helps in removing toxins from the body.

The big fruit is very popular among the people in the northern and eastern parts of India, including northern and central India, where people eat it all the time.

It’s not only eaten at wedding ceremonies but also at festivals and weddings.

According to the Hindu scriptures, it was blessed by Krishna, Lord of the gods, in order to give us wisdom, to give the people an opportunity to eat the fruit of life.

The biggest fruit of all, in addition to being one of the greatest foodstuffs, is the banana.

Its very rich in fat, vitamins, minerals and protein.

A lot of people also eat it raw.

Some people prefer to eat it as a side dish at weddings, at festivals or as a snack.

It was once thought that it was poisonous, but the scientists have now discovered that its beneficial.

Its also said that eating the fruit can improve digestion.

But you have to eat some banana fruits with a lot salt and pepper.

The most important thing about eating the banana is to get the fruit ripe.

Some of the fruits are green, while others are yellow, white or pink.

You should also wash the fruit and slice it in two pieces to get a bigger piece.

You can also make a small, thin banana in the morning.

The fruits are edible, but you can’t eat them raw.

They are not recommended as food because they are poisonous.

The food is usually made in a big bowl and you eat the whole bowl.

The best way to enjoy the fruit is to have some water to wash it and put it in a bowl.

You may add a little salt to it and serve it with some rice or other dish.

There are different types of banana in India.

The bigger ones are eaten at festivals.

People eat the smaller ones at weddings.

The smaller bananas are eaten in a variety of places.

The largest ones are used for making curries.

You need to eat at least two bananas to make a big curry.

There is also a kind of banana called kimchicha.

It resembles the banana of paradise and is eaten by people who have had their first child.

The kimcha is also called kiriyat, the fruit that gives you wisdom and is considered to be a medicine.

The word kimachha is also popular for the purpose.

In Sri Lanka it is called tisavu.

In Myanmar, it’s called taw-yor.

It comes in several forms: the small ones, the large ones and the giant ones.

There’s also a type of banana with large ears called the king’s banana.

People from the Indian subcontinent have