‘Pony’ star in new Disney film: The New Kid title ‘The New Kid’ opens in U.S. on Friday

“This movie is a bit like an extension of the way I grew up,” the 21-year-old actor says of his new Disney feature, The New Kids on the Block.

“I got to go back to my own world and my own life, and it was like I was really exploring the idea of coming back to where I was, and being able to be like a kid again.”

He tells the Guardian that Disney was eager to get his involvement, which they’ve been doing on an almost-daily basis since he turned 18.

“They knew that I loved the work that I do,” he says.

“It was one of the reasons they hired me.

They knew I was a talented artist.”

It was also a time when he had been making music for about a decade, “just to kind of keep a sense of purpose.”

He had previously released a collection of short films called Ponies on the Tracks, and in a way, his first major solo project was the story of his childhood and the way that he was forced to make music for the first time.

“The idea of being able, being able now to do my own thing and not having that pressure to perform was a lot of pressure, and I’m a very emotional person,” he explains.

“When you’re young and you’re having fun, it’s a great feeling.

I think the feeling I had back then is what was really driving me to make it.”

Disney’s The New Kindergarten is a very different film to the others that Disney has made over the years.

Instead of taking a children’s story and turning it into a family film, it uses a much older character and is set in a world where children and adults are different, which is something that makes it much more accessible for adults.

It also gives the audience the opportunity to interact with characters and to learn about them from a different perspective.

In this regard, Disney’s animated feature was a departure from his previous work.

The New Toy Story was, for the most part, a children-oriented family film that featured a wide variety of characters, and was, by comparison, largely a straight family tale.

It had the same overarching theme of innocence and family, but instead of trying to make a very specific point about what those two concepts are, Disney wanted to make his point about how these are the only two things that matter to us.

In this respect, The Little Mermaid was the original Disney family film.

“Disney wanted to tell a story that was very much a family story, and that’s what they wanted to do,” the actor says.

“That’s not to say that it was not a Disney movie.

Disney movies are about family.

I mean, they were always about family and family.

It was about a family who is trying to survive and do the best they can.”

The New Kids is Disney’s first attempt to make an animated feature that is both family and children-centric, which means it doesn’t focus on the adult characters or the relationship between them.

Instead, it focuses on the way they live their lives, and how they connect with the rest of the Disney family.

The film is a lot more straightforward than the others Disney has produced.

The main characters are just ordinary kids who, in the beginning, don’t really have much to offer.

They are all trying to fit in with their peers, and, in order to do that, they are constantly challenged by a group of adults, who are all going through different experiences.

The film opens with an awkward and lonely childhood, in which a group from the school bully’s class decide to do something together that could end up changing the entire world.

The kids are not particularly smart, and they are just trying to be good kids, but they all end up doing something they have never done before.

“It’s a very simple story,” says John Williams, the producer of The New Little Mermaid.

“You start off in the middle of the woods, and you grow up to be the bully.”

As the movie progresses, the kids gradually start to realize that they are all part of a larger, much more complex family, and the more they interact with the adults, the more that the kids discover their unique identity.

“When you go to Disney World, you get to see the kids of the group in real life,” Williams says.

He points out that the audience of Disney children can’t get to know all of the kids in real-life, so that creates a sense that they don’t actually know the characters.

“They all do things, but some of them are very different, and some of the things they do are very subtle, and a lot that they do is just for fun and for the sake of fun,” he continues.

“But there are some things that they’re trying to learn that are important to them, and those things are something that you learn as you grow