Charles Entertainment’s new cheese ad is a hilarious satire of the entertainment industry

Charles Entertainment, the parent company of MTV and VH1, has debuted a new cheese commercial.

The ad begins with a parody of the “Charlie’s Angels” movie franchise with a man named Charlie.

The man’s name is Charlie, and the video is titled “Charlie the Cheese Guy.”

The man asks Charlie if he would like to be a cheesemaker.

Charlie replies, “I don’t want to be cheesemaker.”

Charlie then asks the man, “Do you ever do cheese?”

The man replies, “…when you’re not making it.”

Charlie then says, “It’s like making an ice cream, it’s like having a whole cake.”

Charlie concludes, “That’s the difference between me and the other cheesemakers.”

The ad then cuts to a scene of Charlie and a cheese making machine.

Charlie says, “”It’s the same thing, but different.

“The machine then produces a cheese and turns it into a pizza.

Charlie then says to the man behind the cheese making, “Can I take a picture of that?”

The man agrees, and Charlie then turns the machine on.

Charlie and the machine make a cheese pie.

Charlie finishes the cheeseburger, and then asks, “Would you like a slice of cheese?”

The cheeseburgers are now sitting in front of Charlie’s house.

Charlie asks, “”Is that a cheesebike?””

That’s a car,” the man says.

Charlie asks the cheesemaker, “”Would you take a cheese slice for me?

“The machine responds, “You can’t have a cheesemike.

“The cheesemaster replies, “”What are you talking about?”

“A car.”

Charlie asks,”And I think you should have a cheese pizza.”

The machine then makes a cheese cake.

Charlie says,”I want to make a cheesecakes.”

The cheese cake is then presented to Charlie.

Charlie adds, “A cheesecake?

Are you serious?”

The cheese-making machine then replies,”That would be cool.

But you would need to make it on your own.

There’s no way I’d let you have a bunch of me.

It would be too expensive.”

Charlie replies, “‘A cheesecake’ sounds too good to be true.”

The video ends with the cheesemaker telling Charlie, “”I’m glad I got the cheesecak.