‘Gotham’ to get a new ‘New 52’ cover

Deadline.com — The cover story for the next season of Gotham, “New 52,” is now set.

The magazine announced Tuesday that a cover design has been chosen by Fox to debut in September.

It will feature the iconic characters from the DC Comics universe, along with the iconic Batmobile from “The Flash.”

A press release from the magazine noted that this “is not a reboot, but a reimagining of a classic character from DC’s ‘New52.'”

Fox also announced that the cover will be “inspired by a new version of ‘GOTHAM,’ which takes place in the ’60s and ’70s.”

“Gothams” was first introduced in “The New 52,” where it starred Grant Gustin as Batman.

It is now written by “GOTHAMS” writer and producer, Michael Green.

“GOTG” writer, Brian Michael Bendis and artist, Jordie Bellaire will pen the story.

“New52” was one of the best-selling “Gods of the DC Universe” series.

“There are more to Gotham than Gotham City,” Bendis said in a statement.

“We’re very excited to share this new chapter in Gotham’s story.”

“The cover design was chosen by FOX as part of a collaborative effort to highlight the Gotham brand,” the magazine said.

“The series’ iconic villains are back and more iconic than ever before.”

“This is not a Reboot, but A reimagined version of a Classic character from The Flash”The cover of the September issue of “GUNS N’ ROSES” (Credit: FOX)The New52 cover design by Michael Green (Credit:- FOX)Fans can also look forward to “GRAVE,” “GRAYSON” and “THE FLASH” returning to “The Gotham Network.”

“BLOODY HELL,” “THE WALKING DEAD” and other series will also be featured in the October issue.

“THE LOST WORLD” is set to return in the fall.