Which Disney Studios and Warner Bros. Movies Are You Looking Forward to Watching in 2018?

Overbrook Entertainment and Warner Brothers have teamed up to bring an animated movie featuring a new cast of characters to theaters.

The film, titled Overbrook, will be available in theaters across the U.S. and Canada on May 26.

The movie is written and directed by Scott Tobias and is set to premiere in theaters on June 6, 2019.

The first trailer shows a trio of characters in different stages of development.

One of the characters, named Sam, is a child soldier who is being groomed to be a hero for his country.

Another character, named Al, is an intelligent, charismatic boy with a passion for history.

The third character, known as Jack, is the ultimate warrior who has a keen sense of justice.

Sam and Al are joined by a new and diverse cast that includes the voices of Tom Hanks, Jaden Smith, John Leguizamo, Jessica Alba, John C. Reilly, Emma Stone, Kate Mara, Tessa Thompson, James Cromwell, John Slattery, Michael Cera, Will Arnett, and more.

Overbrook will be the second Disney Studios film to be directed by Tobias, who previously wrote and directed the live-action short film Overbrook.

The Disney Studios release will be a celebration of Overbrook’s first two years of production, which are set to kick off on March 15 and May 27, 2019, respectively.

The Walt Disney Studios released the first trailer for the film in February 2019.

Watch a trailer for Overbrook: