What if the WWE’s first ever women’s championship match was actually about the WWE and not about women?

The WWE may have the most well-known tag team division in all of professional wrestling, but they don’t actually use the term “women’s championship” to refer to themselves.

It’s a tag that’s been applied to the WWE, and it’s been used to refer exclusively to women for decades, dating back to the late 1960s.

And while the tag is still widely used in today’s wrestling world, it’s not the most common term in wrestling circles.

In fact, there are very few other sports in the United States where the tag has become a primary and frequently used tag.

The reason for that, according to Dave Meltzer of Meltzer.com, is that it has an air of exclusivity.

“It is the one word that is synonymous with the brand,” he wrote in a recent piece for ESPN.

“So if you are a fan of WWE, you will never be able to find a woman who will use the tag.

So when you see a woman with a WWE tag, you automatically think of women.”

That’s why it’s such a hard concept to pin down.

But the term has a certain air of truth to it.

It doesn’t mean that women are inferior to men.

It just means that women don’t have a monopoly on the “WWE championship.”

It is a tag and it has been used in wrestling for a very long time.

That exclusivity has allowed the company to build a large following among women, who can then use the “WWF championship” as a way to describe themselves.

As Meltzer explains, this exclusivity is something that has been “exploited” by the company for a long time, and has only recently become more prevalent in the current WWE era.

It has the same “authenticity” as the word “Wrestlemania.”

So, in essence, the WWE “calls itself the most authentic and authentic of sports.”

And while this exclusiveness does make it a little hard to pin a name on, the company is very aware of it.

“We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the experience for our fans,” said WWE spokesperson Scott B. Johnson in a statement to Bleacher Report.

“The term ‘WWE’ is the most recognized name in wrestling, and as such, we are constantly adding to and redefining it to bring it to a new level.”

It’s been a long journey, though, for the brand to get to this point.

In 2007, the “title of the greatest wrestler of all time” was bestowed upon Vince McMahon by the WWE as part of a promotional stunt.

In 2012, WWE was accused of gender-based violence after a WWE-produced video featuring women wrestling a “wrestle-specific” tag team match.

And, in 2015, a video featuring “superstar” Paige was pulled from YouTube after it was deemed inappropriate for minors.

The WWE has done its best to try and make up for this in recent years, introducing a new version of the tag that was created specifically for the “super-talented” women wrestlers.

In the WWE Championship match that would become “the WWE Championship Women’s Title Match,” Paige defeated Rusev, Becky Lynch, and Alexa Bliss to become the first woman to ever win the title in a women’s title match.

The “Wwe Championship Women Championship Match” is the first time that Paige has ever wrestled in a championship match, and the first of many times that she has wrestled the “Superstars Championship” in an event that isn’t a “Superstar’s Championship” match.

When she wrestled “the Superstars Championship,” Paige didn’t just win the “wrestling championship.”

She won it for herself, and for a whole new generation of women.

The following year, Paige defeated WWE Hall of Famer and “World Heavyweight Champion” Randy Orton to become “The Woman of the Year.”

“The Women of WWE” have been a big part of the WWE since the company started, and they’ve made a lot of headlines since the beginning of their reign.

It all started with a tweet from Paige, in which she posted a photo of herself with a piece of paper containing the WWE tagline, “The World’s Greatest Women.”

That tweet quickly spread across social media, with fans and commentators comparing the tweet to a tagline for the WWE show, “Who the F— Is She?”

In the tweet, Paige says “Who are we?

The WWE Championship is for women.

What are we going to do?

We’re going to become champions for our women.”

It was the beginning.

“That was the start of the trend,” said Stephanie McMahon, who became the company’s first female president in 2012.

“Women became so excited to see what was coming next.”

In 2017, “the Women of the Wrestling Hall of Fame” inducted Paige into their Hall of Honor. In 2018,