Which is the real story behind the rumours?

FOX NEWS entertainment is a company that owns Fox and other television networks.

It has a stake in many other entertainment properties, including The Simpsons, the Family Guy, Glee, 24 and America’s Got Talent.

It’s also a major player in the live television game, hosting several of the biggest shows in the world.

ABC chief executive Gillian Troughton-Brown has said the company is working on “a more detailed announcement about its future in the Australian entertainment sector”.

But the rumours are starting to spread.

Fox’s biggest show, American Idol, is not only scheduled to return in 2018 but it has been revealed that the show will be a big hit in China.

The show is expected to rake in $100 million in China, which could make it one of the highest-grossing shows in China this year.

Fox has denied the rumours and said it is looking to expand into China.

ABC News has contacted the ABC for comment.