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New York City’s golden era of music, film and video is ending, and the industry is facing a new era of decline.

In recent years, New York has been the epicenter of music in the world, and for a time it was the epicentre of the country’s burgeoning entertainment industry.

Now that the industry has become more fragmented, however, the music and film industries are beginning to experience similar trends, including a decline in the number of film festivals.

As a result, New Yorkers are turning to the city for a new kind of entertainment experience.

This article is part of a series exploring the state of the entertainment industry and the changing landscape of the world.

A few things to note: 1.

New York is a big city.

New Yorkers have always had a passion for music and films, and now they are turning the corner and starting to look for the right type of entertainment for them.

The New York Film Festival, for instance, is looking for filmmakers with “an interest in music, the arts and the visual arts.”

That means artists and filmmakers, whether they are working in a small-to-medium studio or the big-budget production houses that dominate Hollywood, will be welcome.


In the past, New Yorker’s were drawn to the world of Broadway, but that has changed, as is true of the film and music industries.

Today, they are looking for something more ambitious, with the potential to be the next big thing.

That could be the Golden Globes, the Oscars or even a live musical.

The most important thing is that you are a part of the community and feel that you can make something special with the film you’re working on.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Golden Globe have both been established in honor of people who have made something great.


The movie industry is not just about film, it is also about television, music and the internet.

New Yorker artists are making music for both TV and the web, as well as films, commercials and shows that can be found on YouTube, Netflix and Amazon.

That is something the industry needs to get more involved in, and it is important to look to New York as a way to do so. 4.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for film studios to make money.

The industry has seen its revenues shrink over the past decade and a half, from $15 billion in 2010 to $6 billion in 2015.

The last time the industry lost more than 5% of its business was in 2015, when film revenue declined by nearly 4%.

In the next few years, the industry may have to rethink its strategy and focus more on TV. 5.

The city is becoming more expensive to live in.

There are few things more important to a city’s economy than having a strong film, music or television industry, and that means the cost of living is getting more expensive.

It’s not just the cost to live there, either.

Many of the city’s entertainment venues are in the middle of a massive renovation, and they are becoming increasingly expensive to stay in.

If you can, get a studio or a theater license, which will help offset the cost.

If not, get your own place, rent it or lease a studio.

If your studio is not available, look for a small apartment that is close to the area.

The Golden Globe, for example, is based in Brooklyn and has an entry fee of $1,800.

This can help cover the cost for the entire production, including set dressing and extras.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the median rent for a studio apartment in Los Angeles is $1.2 million, or more than triple the median income for a New Yorker.

There is no doubt that more studios will be required, and New Yorkers need to prepare.


The country is undergoing a “music revolution.”

With a growing number of young people turning to alternative genres of music and cinema, and a growing interest in digital media, there is now a lot of room for new artists.

This has been a huge catalyst for the New York entertainment industry, which has seen an influx of talent and new products, like YouTube-based documentaries and the film-streaming service Netflix.

While it is too early to say if the industry will have a rebound, the new wave of talent has created a lot to look forward to, including an influx in new talent and creative talent, as New Yorkers look to the future.


The music industry is becoming the new TV.

New-age indie acts like The Black Keys and The Roots have gained attention, as have newer bands like Chance the Rapper, Ty Dolla $ign, Future, Jay-Z, and more.

New artists have been rising in the industry, as more and more artists have made it to the top of the charts.

New music is a way for people to express themselves and make money, which can be lucrative for the artists themselves. The future