What do you think of the Italian squad?

2 October, 2018 23:59By now it is known that Antonio Conte’s men will play in the Champions League quarter-finals, and they will be in the position to win it.

Their opponents will be Juventus, who are already playing in the Europa League and the quarter-final tie against Lazio is one of the most highly anticipated fixtures in Italy this season.

Conte has had to deal with a raft of injuries over the past few weeks, including the departure of veteran midfielder Mario Mandzukic and the arrival of young forward Diego Forlan, who has been linked with a move to Chelsea. 

Conte said in his post-match press conference that the team will play “a game of football” in the semi-final, adding that he will be “more prepared” for the pressure that comes with it. 

The Italian manager added that he is “very happy” to have Forlan on board, with the youngster having “worked very well” at Juventus this season, and Conte said he is confident he can get the best out of the young forward. 

“It was important for me to give him the opportunity to get to grips with the game and learn,” Conte explained.

“When he came on as a second half substitute, he has done well and the fans have enjoyed his performance.

We are looking for a player who is strong, who can be a good defensive player. “

The other option for him is to leave.

We are looking for a player who is strong, who can be a good defensive player.

He will have a great season.”

Juventus have struggled in the Serie A this season and are currently in sixth place. 

However, the Bianconeri have been far from the only team in the league who have struggled, with their league position being taken by Sampdoria, Roma and Napoli, who all finished in the bottom three of the table last season. 

Juventus are in a position where they can take advantage of this in the final, and while Conte is not going to have to worry about being beaten at his own game in the run-in, he is not likely to be playing against a side that are capable of making the final. 

In the final the Biancos will face a team that is ranked second in Serie A and third in Europe, and in terms of quality, they will have to make a good start. 

Should they be able to do that, Conte will have been proven wrong, but there will be a lot of expectation on his shoulders, with all the talk about whether or not his team can qualify for the Champions’ League for the first time in eight years.