NHL fans are singing, dancing and dancing again after being forced out of games

The NHL is going to try something different this season, but the fans who are going to have to make do with what is left of the arena are already on their feet and dancing.

The players are coming out to the rink and taking the ice as if they were having a fun day out.

The excitement and joy has been palpable as the players celebrate their win in a game that will determine the playoff race heading into the playoffs.

It is an effort to bring the fans back to their seats and to keep the atmosphere in their seats.

There are plenty of fans who have been left out of the game and are eager to get back in as the teams prepare for their first game in four weeks.

The first period was played by 7,097 fans on Friday night.

The NHL had previously played at 9,844 fans in the first two periods of a game.

The second period was scheduled to be played at 7,812, but because of the lockout, the NHL decided to move it to 7,500.

The games will be played on the same day in each market.

There will be a special edition of the All-Star Classic that is going on Saturday.

It was announced Monday that the NHL is moving to a smaller arena, which is being billed as the most attractive in the NHL.

The new arena will feature a lower bowl and a bigger roof that will allow the league to keep their players from getting a bad cold.

The arena will also have a smaller number of fans.

The owners have said the NHL will bring in an extra 1,500 fans this season and a total of 4,000 fans for the first eight games of the regular season.

The games will also be televised on NBCSN and CBC Sports Network.

It will be the first time that the game will be broadcast on the big four networks.

The teams have been doing well with a little bit of help from the fans, but they still have a lot to do to get ready for the playoffs and their first home game of the season.