The Secret Life of Pets is a Pet World title

A new cat-themed game called The Secret Lives of Pets has been announced by developer F2PGames, who are also teaming up with indie developer Triton Games on a sequel to their critically acclaimed Cat Kingdom.

Cat Kingdom was a huge success in the first game, and was a sleeper hit on Steam and in the game’s recent Steam Early Access program.

The sequel is slated to launch this fall for $15.

The game takes place in a cat themed world with cats that have to solve puzzles to find their way home.

F2PA Games is also developing a sequel for mobile platforms that will feature the same cat-focused world and will include an additional 10-person cooperative play mode.

Triton is also working on a free-to-play game for Android that will be coming to Google Play in the coming months.

The developer is currently developing an iPhone version.

The Secret Lives Of Pets is scheduled to release on iOS in 2018, but we’re hoping for a full release on the platform.