When Apple Music becomes a service that doesn’t require a smartphone

Posted April 10, 2019 05:07:56Apple Music, the streaming music service that started as a service for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touches, will become a standalone service once Apple releases its own streaming music app, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

The service will be available on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch starting next week, according to the publication, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Apple Music will use its own APIs and tools to provide content and support to artists, the Journal reported, adding that Apple has been developing the service for years.

It will be “the only subscription-based music service,” according to a company spokesperson.

A separate report, published by the Journal, claimed that Apple is working on a new version of the service that will use a subscription model.

It would have “a new, smarter app” for users, the publication said, and would be “more than just a standalone music service.”

The news comes on the heels of a number of reports from Apple insiders claiming that Apple Music was working on an entirely new streaming service at the company.

The Journal article, citing “a person familiar with Apple’s plans,” claims that Apple’s new streaming music company will offer a subscription service with a $9.99 monthly fee.

The app will be a standalone app, which could make the service more similar to Spotify than Apple’s existing Music app.

Apple declined to comment to the Journal on the new service.

Apple’s streaming music services have long struggled to make money.

The company has only made $10.3 million from its streaming service in 2017, according the Wall St. Journal, and $2.5 million in total.

The subscription model has been popular with artists and fans, but the company has struggled to sustain growth.

The WSJ report says that Apple wants to develop its own subscription service in the near future, adding “it will be much more like Spotify than Spotify is today.”