When Blizzard Entertainment buys the UK’s gaming site, ‘it’s not going to be an internet site’

Blizzard Entertainment (TSE:BLK) is the latest big name to jump on the UK gaming site Twitch, the online streaming platform owned by YouTube and Twitch.

The gaming company announced on Tuesday that it had entered into a definitive deal to acquire the UK-based online gaming site from its owner, UK gaming firm Gamestop.

Twitch’s future, however, remains unclear.

The UK-headquartered Twitch operates its own gaming website, but it also operates a number of other sites including Twitch UK, which hosts the UK version of the video game streaming service.

The Twitch UK website currently contains content from the company’s Twitch channel and the gaming website.

The new deal with Blizzard would give Twitch access to Blizzard’s Twitch content, but not Twitch’s own content.

The deal could have a knock-on effect for Twitch, which has struggled to gain mainstream attention in the UK.

In May, Twitch announced that it was shutting down its gaming channel.

In response, a group of Twitch users, including several former employees, launched an online petition calling on the company to cancel the stream.

In a blog post announcing the deal, Twitch founder Richard Lewis wrote that Twitch was shutting its gaming site to focus more on its esports business.

“We are announcing a definitive acquisition agreement with Blizzard Entertainment today.

The acquisition will enable Twitch to deliver new gaming content to its community of more than 1.6 million users on Twitch,” Lewis wrote.

“The acquisition will allow Twitch to build out its esports strategy and focus on its most engaged users, as well as providing a path for new gaming platforms to be launched and launched successfully.”

Blizzard Entertainment, meanwhile, said it was excited about the news.

“Twitch is a world leader in gaming, and we are excited to have the opportunity to help drive the future of gaming in the United Kingdom.

We look forward to welcoming Twitch to the world of gaming, in which we can play, learn, play, and innovate together,” Chris Wilson, chief business officer for Blizzard Entertainment UK, said in a statement.

Blizzard’s acquisition would also make it the second major gaming company to acquire Twitch.

In November, Blizzard acquired Twitch UK for $1.5 billion.