A glass-topped entertainment center will open in the heart of Tel Aviv

A glass topped entertainment facility that was supposed to open in Tel Aviv this summer has been postponed after the city’s municipal council rejected a proposal to build it.

The Tel Aviv Municipality announced on Tuesday that it has postponed the planned Glass Cinema, a new entertainment center that would be set in the Old City, a historic Jewish quarter, which is the heart and brain of the city.

The project was supposed start in late July.

In addition to a new theater and theater-style restaurant, the theater will feature a restaurant that will feature Israeli dishes, an outdoor cinema, a cinema with an interactive feature and a public garden.

The theater will be located on the first floor of a building owned by the municipality.

According to the municipality, the project will include the building of an interactive theater, an indoor cinema, an amphitheater and public gardens.

The project was originally scheduled to be opened this summer, but was postponed for a number of reasons, including a lack of financing.

The municipality has since issued a decision to delay the project indefinitely.

“The municipality is aware of the need to make this project financially viable and will consider various options in this regard, including postponing it until further notice,” the municipality said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The council will hold an emergency meeting to discuss all these issues during the next few days.

The Glass Cinema is slated to open on the third floor of the building.

The council said it will decide on the future of the project later this week.