Google’s YouTube Now Is Now Available to All Android Users

Google’s new YouTube app is now available for Android users, bringing Google’s search engine to more people than ever before.

The announcement comes as Google prepares to roll out Google Now, a feature that will let users instantly search the web, get local weather information, and receive recommendations from other people via their Google search history.

Google’s first-ever YouTube app was announced in December and was rolled out to users in the U.S. and Canada.

The YouTube app’s debut in India is just the latest in a long line of big announcements made by Google in India.

Earlier this month, the company launched a “Google+ for Android” program that allows users to connect with people in their own language and create content in English and local languages.

The company also announced plans to expand its Indian operations into more markets, including the country’s biggest city, Mumbai.

Google India also recently announced plans for a $50 million investment in India-based startup Zest, which it describes as a “fintech platform that will help Indian companies build an ecosystem of ecosystem partners that can grow and innovate in India.”