Why is Beyonce in the spotlight?

The next time you see Beyonce, it will probably be with her singing “Famous.”

Her latest video for the song, “Familia,” has already earned her an audience of over 15 million people worldwide, which has given her a global reach that can only be measured by her fame.

And now the video is making its way to the next generation of pop stars, as Beyonce has been selected as one of three recipients of a $50 million award to be presented at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles.

The video is called “FAMILIA,” and it’s an epic tale of love, revenge, and revenge, featuring a stunning visual style that has garnered her nearly 10 million views on YouTube alone.

The clip features Beyonce on a rooftop in New York City, where she and her family have lived since childhood.

The two of them are standing in front of a building where they share an intimate moment.

As the video continues, the camera pans down to the rooftop, and we see the house is still there, just as the family members had been before they were shot to death.

We then see the video ends with Beyonce and her mother sitting in a living room, with a couple of guests, as they speak to the camera.

They then share their story of what happened to them.

It’s an emotional, raw video, and the clip’s incredible popularity has allowed Beyonce to be recognized as a global pop superstar.

But what did it take to get her into the spotlight as a pop star?

In this exclusive interview, we discuss what it was like to become the next pop star and how it all started for her.

What inspired you to create the video?

You started to envision that video when you were growing up, and you knew that it was something that you could really make, something that would make you proud.

I remember being at my grandma’s house, and my dad told me that if I could create this video, it would make me happy.

That’s what it is about.

It’s just an opportunity to make something that people would be proud of.

When you make something, you feel like you have something to prove.

I just wanted to create something that could be shared.

Why did you start recording the video in the first place?

I wanted to capture the essence of the moment, to capture a moment that was very intimate.

I started by just talking about my feelings, and that was it.

How did you decide on the theme?

I was inspired by Beyonce’s music.

She has this amazing voice.

She’s one of the most talented singers in the world.

I felt like that was the perfect place to go with this.

What were the most difficult aspects of producing the video and the music?

The hardest part about creating the video was finding a great song for it.

I found a song called “No More Tears” by Beyoncé.

That song is amazing, but it had no lyrics.

So I just put it in there.

I wanted it to be something that I could really sing about.

How do you think the video has been received?

The video has gone viral.

There are so many different things that people have said about it.

It has really resonated with the people who saw it.

And people have been like, ‘Yeah, that’s Beyonce.’

People are really talking about it, and I think that it’s going to make a lot of people happy.

How did you choose your music to be featured in the video, as opposed to something that was inspired?

The way I choose my music is that I try to create music that feels very contemporary.

The reason I did that was because I’m a millennial and I’m looking for something that feels like it’s from the past.

And I thought, I want to make music that’s kind of in the present moment.

I didn’t want to have it feel like it was a video that was made in the past, so I just decided to choose the best songs that I had in my studio that felt like it came from a different time in history.

Why do you feel it is important for young people to hear music that is different?

There’s no question that there are things that have changed and people have changed in this world.

And we have to find the songs that are going to hold up to that change.

But it’s also important for us to stay true to what we have in common, which is being inspired by people and being inspired.

What are some of your favorite pop songs from the 20th century?

The Beatles are definitely one of my favorite bands.

I love all of them.

But the thing that I love about them is that they really made me feel like I belonged.

They were all of my friends growing up.

They made me love music and I loved music.

I don’t think I could have lived without them.

And that’s why I love pop music.

Why would you want to be influenced by pop music?

I think that’s what is