Why is ‘Surreal’ being blamed for the deaths of so many Australians?

When Australia’s most popular show, Surreal, was cancelled in March, fans blamed its cancellation for the number of deaths in the country’s gambling industry.

But it is the popularity of the film Surreal that has caused the biggest outcry in Australia, as a film shot in the same year is also linked to the deaths.

The film’s stars were reportedly flown in to Australia from overseas, and the film has also been linked to more than 100 other deaths in Australia.

What are the latest facts about Surreal?

Surreal was shot in 1997 and 1998 and the movie was released in October.

It follows a young man named Michael, who finds himself caught up in a crime he believes he must solve.

He travels to a remote area of Queensland, and discovers a mysterious cave, where he meets a young woman named Jade.

Jade’s brother is a detective.

Jade was killed in a gambling accident when she was six months old.

The police believe she died from suffocation.

What is the Surreal documentary about?

The Surreal film follows Michael, Jade and a mysterious young woman called Jade.

It tells the story of a young boy and a young girl, who must travel to Queensland to solve the murder of their mother.

The filmmakers claim the film is based on real events that occurred in Queensland.

What has the Australian media said about the film?

Australia’s ABC news website, which has been critical of the SurraLife documentary, described the film as a “crap” and said that its makers “may not even be Australians”.

It also described it as “very misleading” and “not based on any evidence”.

“I am not sure what they have been told,” it said.

“It looks like a cheap rip-off of a film from the 70s, which I thought was a very popular movie.”

Australian newspaper The Age also criticised the film’s producers, saying the film “does not present the case in a factual way”.

A spokesperson for Surreal told ABC News that the film was “based on real life events”, and that it “did not meet the standards of authenticity and accuracy of a documentary”.

“This is a very serious allegation, and if this film was not based on a real case, it would not have been shown in Australia,” the spokesperson said.

Australian film critic Andrew Macdonald said that “the film is not based in reality, and it is a disgrace that it was not aired”.

“It was a film based on fiction and that’s all the evidence we have,” he said.

The Surra Life documentary has been made available online and has sparked a backlash online, with some viewers accusing the film makers of making it up.

The Australian Media Institute said the film had been “infiltrated by a couple of trolls” on Twitter.

“The people who are perpetuating this nonsense are doing so in a desperate attempt to undermine the Surreals film and the documentary we have done,” a spokesperson for the institute said.

What happened next?

In December, SurraLive released a new documentary that did not feature the film, and in January, the producers apologised for the error.

The director, Michael MacNamara, said that he was sorry and wanted to apologise to all those involved.

“I do feel very deeply sorry for the people who have been hurt by this film, because I made this film to be entertaining, to be uplifting and to be informative,” he told ABC Radio Australia’s AM program.

“What we tried to do was not only to provide a film that was entertaining and uplifting but also to do so in the best possible way and we didn’t do it in the way that I intended.”

What we have learnt from this is that sometimes we don’t have all the facts, that’s why we have to take things on trust.

“If we are going to make a film, we have got to be truthful.

I am so sorry.”

The film has been watched by more than 150 million people on YouTube and the website Surreal.com.

Surreal has also released a documentary called The Surreal Tale, which follows the lives of Jade and Jade’s mother, but has not yet received much acclaim.