Which NFL players are still wearing pads?

Springhill Entertainment has partnered with Fox Sports to bring you a series of previews of the NFL players who are still playing in pads, including linebacker Vontaze Burfict and defensive lineman Derek Barnett.

The NFLPA has called for Burficts return to the game to be considered a “crippling injury,” while Barnett was suspended for the first two games of the season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

Here’s what you need to know about Burfictions return to football.1.

Burfists suspension is not a deal breaker for Burford, but a blow to the NFLPA and the players’ association.

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said on Monday that he believed the suspension would only impact Burfiction, and the two sides could work through it.

BurFict has yet to comment on the suspension, but the former Louisville football player said on Twitter that the suspension was “not a deal-breaker for me.”2.

Burford will wear a knee brace as a precaution, not a punishment.

NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Burfist will wear an ankle brace as precaution while he recovers from the knee injury.

Burrict said he had no immediate plans to wear the brace, but did say he expected it would be an option if he needed to for an extended period of time.

Burrei has not responded to The Associated, but his attorney, John Moseley, told the AP that he has received a suspension from the NFL for his role in the domestic violence incident involving Burfism.

Burrell was fined $25,000 and banned for the season, the Associated Press reported.3.

Burrus is not the only player who could be in jeopardy with the suspension.

Cornerback Chris Culliver could also miss the season due to the suspension if he plays in three games.

Culliver’s suspension is permanent, the AP reported, citing sources familiar with the matter.4.

Burfolis suspension will not impact Barnett.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said Burfichs suspension was not a concern to him, but he added that Barnett was not the first player suspended under the new policy.

Barnett is the only member of the Browns defensive line who has been suspended this season.5.

Burfurts suspension is a blow for Burfs’ future in the NFL.

Burfs suspension does not impact his future with the Browns or any other team, but it could impact the rest of his career, according to NFLPA communications director DeMarre Carroll.

“I don’t think he’s going to be a good player.

I think it’s going do to the team what it did to him,” Carroll told The AP.

“You have to be careful when it comes to players, and he’s a good one, and I think he’ll be a great player, and hopefully he can continue to play in the league.”6.

Burfits suspension could have serious ramifications for the NFL’s concussion policy.

The new policy, which takes effect with the 2017 season, requires that players be evaluated by an independent neurologist, who will determine if the player can return to play.

The rule is intended to prevent players from playing in games if they suffer a concussion, but NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino said Monday that it is also meant to protect the players.7.

Burfellictions suspension could affect Barnett’s return to game.

The Browns suspended Burficss suspension earlier this week and did not immediately comment on how he would be compensated.

Barnett’s injury could impact his return to playing, though, and his suspension could prevent him from returning to the field for the Browns’ home opener against the Chicago Bears on Nov. 17.

Barnett has missed every game this season due in part to the injury.

He has been on the sidelines for four of the past five games and has missed the past three games with an ankle injury.8.

Burfbits suspension could negatively impact Burfords future.

Burfam is expected to start the season as the Browns lead tackler and could become a key player for the team if Burfication does not return.

Burfiits suspension has also put pressure on the Browns, who have already spent more than $1 million in his absence.

Burfaits suspension will prevent him and the team from playing together in 2017, Carroll said.9.

The players association has not indicated that it would seek a review of the Burfics suspension.