How to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs online with a cable subscription

NHL players have spent most of the past two years enjoying some of the greatest outdoor hockey experiences in the world.

Now they’re hoping to make it even more exciting by watching the Stanley Cauldron on a cable box.

On Friday, the NHL announced it is giving away $2,500 worth of cable boxes to fans of the Stanley Cups for the first time in a century.

The money will go to a charity that supports the NHLPA and its partners in support of cancer research.

It will be distributed in conjunction with the Stanley Trophy, a prestigious hockey trophy awarded annually to the NHL’s top scorer.

The league is also donating $2.5 million to help the NHL Foundation support the NHL Players Association in its fight against cancer.

That donation will go toward helping support a variety of initiatives, including a $2 million research project aimed at developing treatments for the disease, and an additional $2 billion for health and wellness initiatives across the NHL and its affiliated teams.

While the NHL Cup Playoffs have been around since 1947, the StanleyCauldron has only been played on a handful of occasions in its nearly 40-year history.

This year’s playoffs will mark the first one that will feature the Stanley, a unique, ice-breaking structure that sits atop a mountain in the middle of Lake Superior.

Fans will be able to watch as the Cup and its surrounding ice crests, including the Stanley Tower, are illuminated.

The StanleyCattle are also donating their space on the Stanley to the nonprofit organization, which is dedicated to fighting the disease and supporting cancer research through its Stanley Cancer Foundation.

This is the first year the arena has been donated to the charity.

The tournament will take place July 27-28 in Montreal.