‘This was not a happy day’: Disney and Warner Bros. are not happy with the ratings of the new Disney-Marvel movies

A report from Deadline reveals that Disney-Universal’s live-action animated films are failing to make the same profits as their live-animated counterparts in the same territories.

The report, which was sourced from multiple sources including Deadline, reveals that the live-comedy fare in the Disney-owned studio’s movies have struggled to make as much money as the live action offerings, especially the new Marvel films.

The new movies are in a tight race with their live action counterparts, which have both made $1.6 billion worldwide.

In fact, Disney- Universal’s live action fare has seen a whopping $1 billion more than the live entertainment fare that has made $2 billion or more, according to Deadline.

This means that live action audiences are getting a smaller cut of the film’s profits, compared to the live content.

In total, Disney has made over $5 billion off the live live-actions, and has yet to make a profit from its live-activations, while the live animated fare has made more than $7 billion.

Disney-Universal has been in a very precarious position with regards to the ratings for its live action films.

Last year, the live show Frozen had a disastrous debut and has since struggled to hold onto audiences.

In May this year, Frozen 2 made $7.8 million domestically, but only $5.4 million overseas, according the studio.

It’s clear that Disney and Universal are not satisfied with the way the live shows have been doing in terms of box office.

With the live films doing just $5 million in China, the company has been looking for a way to recoup the money it has lost with the live ones.