What the future holds for Hulu and Hulu Plus

7:15 PM ET Wed, 4 Sept 2018 | 00:35:04Hulu, one of the biggest streaming services, is moving away from its old ad-supported model and into a more content-focused model.

The streaming service, which launched in 2010 with its own pay TV channels, is now looking to partner with TV networks and other content providers to build its video service.

Hulu will be one of those partners.

Hulu is currently offering ad-free, ad-backed content for $9.99 a month.

It’s not the only move Hulu is making to broaden its content offerings.

The company is also adding its own original programming, and it plans to launch an online-only version of its Hulu Plus service later this year.

“We’re going to be able to put more of our content in the platform that’s built for the mobile experience,” Hulu chief executive Ted Sarandos told reporters at the company’s annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday.

“That means that we’ll be able more directly with our partners, more directly to them and more directly through them,” he added.

“And we’ll have a platform where you can get our content on your phone, and we’ll also have a service that’s very rich with great content,” Sarandis said.

“I think that we have the ability to build something that’s a true streaming platform.

We’re not just going to go into a new, different service.”

Hulu is the latest media company to join the digital revolution.

Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have all taken a page from the digital ad-centric model of TV networks.

Hulu’s move to a more monetized model is in line with the trend that has seen many companies, including Netflix, Apple and Google, take a more traditional approach to ad-driven content.

“It’s a very big change,” said Mike Smith, senior vice president of digital marketing at digital content agency SVP Digital.

“They’re embracing the platform.”

Netflix is a big player in the industry.

Its content-driven subscription model is one of its biggest draws.

The streaming service is currently home to more than 60 original series and documentaries, including the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black.

It also has original original programming like the upcoming House of Cards, which is also available to stream.

Hulu’s content-free model, however, is different from Netflix’s.

“There are no subscription fees on Netflix, so you can watch your favorite shows anytime, anywhere,” Smith said.

“There are absolutely no subscription or ad-based costs.

It’s a platform that is entirely free.”

Hulu is also expanding its original programming.

Earlier this year, Hulu added a new series called The Blacklist to its lineup.

Hulu recently announced a deal with The CW to add a new show to the service, Arrow.

The CW, a CW affiliate, will now be available to Hulu subscribers.