What is a new movie you haven’t seen?

NEW YORK — The latest movie you may not have seen is “Papa’s Not Dead,” the new movie by the director of the Oscar-winning “Black Panther.”

It’s in theaters now.

The director of “Black Beauty,” a drama about a black man’s struggle to overcome the challenges of race and gender in America, has also been cast in “Papadopoulos,” an indie film about a British spy who escapes from the clutches of the Soviet Union and becomes an agent of the CIA.

“Papa” is based on the memoir of former CIA director William Casey, who died in February.

He was the former director of CIA and National Security Agency who was caught with classified information on his computer in a failed attempt to leak a document that was later declassified by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The new film will be released in theaters March 11.

The movie is based off a short story by Casey that was first published in a book by author Robert Bloch, “The Death of William Casey.”

The title of the film is “The Rise of a Russian Spy,” a play about a Russian spy who comes to the U.S. from Russia and starts spying on American agents.

It was written by Jeffrey F. Weiner, a New York-based producer of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series.

The film also stars actor and “The Wire” creator Matt Bomer.

The cast includes actress Jennifer Garner, “Lucky 7” creator Michael Mann, and actress Lillian Gish.