‘The Conjuring’ star ‘will be a bit more subdued in the next two years’: Evan Peters

Evan Peters, who starred in The Conjuring, has said he will be “a bit less subdued” in the coming years and “have a bit of fun”.

Speaking at a London premiere of the film, which also features Alice Cooper, Peters revealed he had not been able to attend a single live show since he was cast in the role.

“I have not been in a live show for five years,” he said.

“You can’t be at a show, you’re not going to have a chat.

I’ve just not been at a live concert since I was cast.”

Peters’ comments come after a slew of stars, including Harry Styles, were publicly lambasted over their “unacceptable” behaviour.

The singer, who is currently in the UK promoting his album ‘The Best Of Harry Styles’, said he was “very proud” to have played a leading role in his role and was “really looking forward to it” in 2019.

Peters also added that he was keen to make “the best of” his time in the movie, which will see him returning to the role for a second time in 2019, after previously being offered the role in 2019 and 2020.

“There’s a lot of stuff I want to do in the world, so I’m going to do it the right way,” he told the press in a statement.

“It’s been a very strange ride and I’m very excited to be back on the big screen.

I’ll be very subdued in a couple of years.”