Disney: How to Get Rid of Pelucus (The Official Guide)

Disney has unveiled its first interactive entertainment guide, which tells the story of the Disney character Pelucis.

This interactive book is available for purchase at a Disney store, Disney Shop and Disney World stores.

Read more: https://t.co/pZ2P6m4nDjpic.twitter.com/L6ZV4Jf5tD — Disney Parks (@DisneyParks) September 25, 2018The book is packed with Disney trivia and fun facts, such as the name of the character, his favourite colour, and the name on his cape.

It also contains a collection of Disney photos and an interactive quiz where you can test your knowledge of Disney movies and Disney characters.

The Pelucides guide is also available to download for free from the Disney Parks app and Google Play store.

It’s not the first time Disney has created an interactive book.

The company released the Disney Guide to the World in 2016, and earlier this year it launched the Disney Academy, which includes a range of videos, activities and games.