Trump announces tax cuts, a $1.5 trillion stimulus package, and a $2 trillion stimulus fund

President Donald Trump has signed a slew of executive orders and bills to help address the economic crisis.

Here are the big ones: Trump signs $1 trillion stimulus billThe president signed a $500 billion tax cut and an emergency funding bill, including a $250 billion stimulus package.

He also signed a major tax cut bill that provides relief for individuals and businesses.

The president also signed an emergency spending bill that will allow the government to avoid default on its debts, though the details of the legislation are not yet released.

Trump also signed legislation that would provide $1 billion in additional funding to help states cope with the fallout from Hurricane Maria.

The bill includes a $400 million emergency relief fund, as well as $250 million for disaster relief efforts in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Trump signs $2 billion stimulus billTrump signed a tax cut that provides $2.5 billion in relief to individuals and corporations, including $200 million to help with hurricane recovery efforts.

The details of this bill are not available.

Trump also signed $500 million in relief for businesses.

Trump signs additional stimulus legislationThe president will sign another $500.5 million stimulus bill, which is expected to add $500 to the economy by 2019.

The final details of that legislation, however, are still unknown.

Trump’s $2 million stimulus packageTrump signed another $2,000 billion stimulus plan.

The president signed another large stimulus bill to help alleviate the financial impact of the hurricanes.

The new bill will help with disaster relief for up to $50 billion in the next fiscal year.

The legislation will also include $250.5 to $500 for disaster response efforts in Puerto Rico and the U: the U, as Puerto Rico is a U.s. territory.

The White House said the money will be used to address a range of economic challenges.

The money will also be used by the president to help Puerto Rico rebuild.

Trump will sign legislation to expand hurricane reliefThe president’s $1,000.5 bill will expand relief to the affected regions.

This bill will also help alleviate a range-of-funds impact from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

The $500,000 bill is intended to help those in the hurricane-ravaged areas, including those living in the states affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Trump signed this bill to allow for additional funding for the president’s efforts to help rebuild the Gulf Coast and states like Florida, Texas and Puerto Rican.

Trump orders $1 million stimulus fundThe president ordered a $600 million stimulus to help businesses.

This is the first $1-million stimulus the president has issued, and it is expected that this will be a major boost to the US. economy.

Trump will also sign another stimulus bill that gives relief to those affected by the hurricanes in Puerto Rican, Virginian and U. S. Virgin Island states.

The Trump administration has also signed another stimulus measure, $1million to help hurricane-affected individuals, businesses and government agencies.

Trump is also signing another stimulus to provide emergency funding for states that are affected by Hurricane Maria and other economic issues.

The Senate approved a $300 billion stimulus to be released later this month, but Congress is still in the process of voting on a $3.1 trillion bill that Congress will likely pass this week.