Why you should watch a live performance of The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard Of Oz was a live show.

It’s hard to get into a movie that isn’t a live, and the Wizard of Toy Story is the only live-action movie that was ever filmed with sound in it.

But the film also has a very different history. 

In 1937, the Walt Disney Company commissioned Warner Bros. to make a live-animated film based on the 1937 film.

This was to be produced in Los Angeles, but Disney wanted to make this movie for television.

So Warner Bros., under the guidance of Henry Mancini, a former producer at Warner Bros.’ film department, created a short film entitled The Wizard. 

“It was a great film,” says Disney, who now runs Disney Imagineering.

“I have an appreciation for film.” 

The short film is about a young boy named Dorothy who, when asked by a school teacher if she’d like to play the violin, says, “No, I’m going to play this show.”

The teacher, however, says she’ll need her students’ permission to use the violin.

So, Dorothy is left in the dark until a young girl named Mabel comes to her school with a violin, a toy train, and an empty box.

The boy, who is also called Oz, plays the violin for the teacher and tells her the story of how he first saw the Wizard.

The next day, the boy goes to the school and plays the show again.

Mabel and the teacher leave the school to play with the toys and find the box, but the box falls off the train and they get stuck in a tunnel.

They get rescued by the townspeople, but they are forced to run into the tunnels again. 

So Mabel, who has also had an encounter with a wizard in the woods, and Oz, who also has an encounter, get back to the Wizard’s school.

They see the old school building and the town’s new building.

Mable and Oz go to find the teacher, and find her.

MABLE: “The teacher’s been sent to help me, and she’s a little upset.

And, well, you know, it’s her job.

And I don’t really know what to say.”

So she asks the Wizard to help her.

She tries to give the wizard a treat.

The wizard offers her a treat to give her a headache, and they go back to her house.

Oz is now more interested in her than he was at first.

MABEL: “I don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself.”

The Wizard is in love with Mabel.

He comes to the house and she has to put on a gown for him.

But it’s too late.

The Wizard turns her into a giant.

And now he’s in the middle of his own play.

MACHINE MAN: “This is the Wizard.”

He plays the Wizard for her, but it’s a big success.

The show continues for years.

It takes a different turn every year.

But eventually the Wizard is sent to live with the town in the big house. 

A couple of years after the Wizard shows up, a woman named Mrs. Dalloway gets a letter from her son asking for a gift.

And it’s the same letter Mabel was sent. 

THE WIZARD OF OZ: “It’s a new piece of paper that was sent by Mabel.”


Dalloway: “What?

What is it?”

Wizard: “A present from Mabel Dalloways.

It says, ‘You will see it soon.'”

The Wizard goes to his parents house and he and Mabel are together.

But they are separated.

The letter goes to Mabel’s husband.

And the Wizard begins to notice that Mrs. Hays is jealous.

He and Mrs. Sayers get married and they have children.

But when they are asked to go see their daughter, they don’t want to go to her.

So the Wizard plays his show. 

And Mabel discovers that there are new pieces of paper with the letters from the Dallowys.

And when she goes to look for them, she finds them all in the attic.

But Mabel is determined to save them.

MADDOW: “Oz, I can’t do this!” 

She goes to see her husband and he tells her that he has found them.

And they are not in the room. 


MABELL: “And we have no money!” 

They get married again and have children and then Mabel becomes the grandmother of Dorothy.

The family moves to the big home.

MELBIER: “There’s no money, Mabel!

And no love.”

The family then moves to a new house.

MERYL: “Well, I guess there is a time for everything.”

Mabel goes back to work.

MARYL: (sings)